Software Development

Due to the wide variety of available software solutions, it’s easy to lose the overview. What you need is an IT-partner who thinks with you and can garanty that your whishes will be translated to a working application.

Information Makers has had years of experience in developing custom software. We not only supply a software product, we strive to supply you with a complete software solution; development, support and hosting. We are able to provide a turn-key solution for your IT needs.

Our team of motivated professionals will do everything to meet your needs. This will enable you to focus on your core-business.

  • Web-based iSeries front-ends

  • IBM iSeries software maintenance and development

  • Database installation, hosting and maintenance

  • Complex conversion and transition projects

  • Mobile application through MCL framework

How we work
At the beginning of the development process, we will work with you to make an in-depth analysis of your business processes. After this we’ll translate the results of this analysis into a software design.

After your approval well get started with the realization of the software. During this process we will always keep you informed on the progress.

By using development standards and inhouse developed Frameworks we’re able to quickly and cost-effectively build an application for you.


By using a mix of various technologies we are able to build applications that meet your needs. Below is a small selection of our in-house competencies.

  • Java development
  • IBM iSeries
  • IBM DB2
  • Ubuntu servers
  • Mobiele MCL applicaties
  • Android applicatie ontwikkeling

Information Makers combines the quality, response time and flexibility, that you would expect of a local supplier, but with the price tag of offshore development.

To be able to efficiently and quickly develop we use the concept of “near shoring”. By making use of highly qualified personnel in Eastern Europe, we can increase our production capacity on demand.

For you this means we’re able to flexibly accommodate your needs for an attractive price.